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La standardisation amont

Prior standardisation

A portfolio of standard sub-assemblies
to design your solutions with ease

Démarrage série sous 4 à 6 semaines

4 to 6 weeks
to start-up serial production

50-part minimum to start-off production

Des coûts globaux imbattables

Unbeatable global costs

Fewer fittings, less space,
quicker fit, less chance of leakage

Les standards spécifiques

Customized standards

Offer within 48 hours
Prototype within 10 working days

Moins de risques de fuites

Less risk of leakage

Brazing failure rate < 25 PPM
Service rate 98%

Une équipe dédiée à 100%

A team 100% committed

to solving your hydraulic connector problems.
Explain the problem and RH will offer an optimal solution
available in a .pdf / .step / .igs format

min_logo_entier RH

hydraulic connectors specialist,

change your specific needs into a customized standard.

Our production process allows us to offer you any type of fitting:

  • customized standards
  • RH Standard
  • Specific fittings on demand
The online
Standard fittings
Our plus factor
The customized
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